Iran's Deputy Handicraft Minister expresses hope to expand support and attractions for Iranian traditional artworks and holding exhibitions in other countries, especially in the Muslim countries.

Iran Press/ Iran news: "We believe that Iranian traditional arts and handicrafts are just like shining stars among other Iranian products which one of its branches is Traditional textile," Pouya Mahmoudian, the Deputy Handicrafts Minister, said on Friday in an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency in an unavailing ceremony of traditional-modern design and pattern held in Tehran.

Iranian official hails increase in handicrafts export

"Traditional textile, sewing, and handmade cloth have a lot to say in this field as long as they are delicately have been made. To support and show Iran's traditional textile's capability, we have started with dialogue and establishing a cultural process," Mahmoudian added.

She continued: "By holding exhibitions like this, many and youngsters, in particular, will be attracted to these fields, and we will offer them whatever the latest in the market. This wave is active and flows in the country at the moment but I hope to hold these kinds of exhibition beyond the borders, especially in the Muslim countries". 212/103


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