A one-day exhibition on 'Clothing Patterns and Designs' was held on Friday.

Iran Press/Iran news: The unavailing ceremony of traditional-modern design and pattern was held in Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel on Friday. The event is attended by the designers, dressmakers and generally those who are involved in the clothing industry.

According to Iran Press, a change in Iranian taste in the field of domestic wearing items is among the most important goals of the event.

More than 80 traditional costumes and clothes inspired by Baluch women's needlework, Iranian traditional needlework folk art in the city of Kerman which is called Pateh together with hand-woven rugs of Kashan and Kermanshah and Sirjan with were showcased in the exhibition.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency correspondent, Iran's Deputy Handicraft Minister expresses hope to expand support and attractions for Iranian traditional artworks and holding expeditions in other countries, especially in the Muslim countries. 203/103

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