The Belgian Foreign Minister, addressing reporters in Luxembourg, stated that the imposition of sanctions against the Zionist settlers in the West Bank is not sufficient and urged the imposition of sanctions against their supporters as well.

Iran PressEurope: Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib before the meeting of European Union ministers in Luxembourg, addressing reporters, said: "It is not enough to impose sanctions against Zionist settlers who commit violence in the West Bank, and the EU must target those who provide weapons to the settlers too."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium continued to emphasize stopping the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip and added that the US should not be allowed to be the only actor in this region.

In the end, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium emphasized the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

In this regard, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez also called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza before the European Union Foreign Ministers meeting in Luxembourg and said: "We want all land crossings to be opened once and for all to help civilians in Gaza."

The Spanish Foreign Minister further emphasized that If the EU is looking for a political solution to the current situation in West Asia, it is necessary to recognize the state of Palestine.

Since the beginning of the Palestinian Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" on October 7, 2023, various areas of the West Bank and occupied Quds have witnessed anti-Zionist operations as well as the escalation of Zionist aggression. 219

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