IP - Al-Mayadeen network reported on Tuesday morning about heavy air and artillery attacks of the Zionist regime on the southern regions of Lebanon.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press news agency, the areas around the towns of "Beit Leif", "Eita al-Shaab", "Yaroun", "Al-Mahmoudieh", "Al-Aishiyah" and the heights of "Jabal Abu Rashid" were targeted by the Zionist regime.

This attack took place after Hezbollah attacked the Jalul Alam base in northern occupied Palestine with Barkan missiles.

On Monday evening, Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted areas of northern occupied Palestine with heavy missile and rocket attacks.

The Zionist media quoted the army spokesman of this regime as saying that about 35 rockets fired from Lebanon hit Ein Zeitim base.

Earlier, the media of the Zionist regime had admitted that at least 20 rockets were fired from the south of Lebanon to the Safad area in the north of the occupied Palestine.

In the past few months, following the terrible crimes of the Zionist regime and the genocide of the Palestinians by this regime in the Gaza Strip, Lebanon's Hezbollah has targeted the Zionist military positions in the north of the occupied territories. An issue that has caused fear among the Zionists living in these areas, and so far tens of thousands of Zionists have left the settlements near the Lebanese borders for fear of resistance attacks. 204

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