Tehran (IP) - The speaker of Iran's parliament stated that Tehran's membership in BRICS is significant both politically and economically, as well as geographically.


Iran PressIran news: Before leaving for South Africa on Tuesday, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that the Ninth BRICS Forum would center on the topics of multilateralism and the enhancement of relations between African countries and BRICS members.

He added: This is a very good opportunity to communicate with the African countries that participate in this forum and try to develop parliamentary relations.

"3 of the 5 main BRICS members are geographically very important," the speaker said, adding, "With the capacities that we have in the field of energy, transit, and transportation, I hope our joining BRICS can help in the development of our relations with neighbors in the region and the world. We hope that the visit to South Africa can further develop parliamentary relations."


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