Iranian Foreign ministry spokesman said, Iran's program is the presence of the private sector and industrial and technological enterprises in Syria.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking during his weekly press conference on Monday, Bahram Ghasemi added, according to the Syrian government's request, the Islamic Republic of Iran plays an important role in the reconstruction of that country.

According to Iran press, Ghassemi expressed hope that the conditions for the start of work will be provided as soon as possible and the private sector can help the Syrians in this area too. 

Referring to the Iranian foreign minister's recent statements about Iran's readiness to cooperate with Saudi Arabia on regional issues, Ghassemi added, the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran towards the neighbors is clear, and our positions have repeatedly been declared in this regard.

Iranian Foreign ministry spokesman also said, if the conditions are provided in the region, cooperation between the countries of the region can certainly contribute to the peace and stability of the region.

He said, the United States must avoid any action and intervention in the Syrian issue without the Syrian government's invitation and demand.

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He said, our advice to the US is to get out of Syria as quickly as possible and not to interfere in the country's affairs.

He also said that the Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi, who was arrested in Germany on the false charges of being linked to a bomb attack plot in Paris, has full diplomatic impunity.

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“In our view, this Iranian diplomat, despite the fact that he was not in his assigned country, and was on the way to return to the location of his mission, has full immunity under Article 40 of the Vienna Convention and one cannot say he did not have immunity,” Ghassemi said.


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