Kabul (IP) – Former Afghan president says the recent Taliban movements in Afghanistan are rooted in foreign goals in the country and the region.

Iran PressAsia: Regarding his opinion for resolving the Afghan crisis and in an interview with Iran Press, Hamid Karzai said: "The solution to the war and problems of Afghanistan today is to achieve true peace; a peace in which the Afghan people have sovereignty."

Noting that the United States should seek real peace in Afghanistan, he stated that real peace is achieved at a time when important and large regional and neighboring countries cooperate with Afghanistan.

Reacting to the Taliban's takeover of various parts of Afghanistan, he pointed out that the Taliban had started the war and must end it; its continuation was against the interests of the Afghan people and country, and what the war was going to bring about was only to make foreign goals come true.

He underlined the role of Afghanistan's neighbors, especially Iran and Pakistan, is crucial in achieving peace in Afghanistan and urged China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and India to cooperate to achieve real peace in Afghanistan.

Karzai also spoke about the reasons for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, saying: "The United States did not achieve its goals in Afghanistan, and during the US military presence, extremism grew and stability was not achieved in the country."

He explained that the main and declared goal of the United States in Afghanistan was to fight terrorism, but terrorism spread, and the ISIS takfiri group was formed during the US presence in Afghanistan.

Karzai said he called the Taliban a brother when US troops bombarded parts of Afghanistan in the name of fighting the Taliban.

"The Taliban are now fighting the Afghan people, destroying their homes, killing their compatriots, and if such actions continue, the Afghan people will rise up against the Taliban, and I will be part of this uprising," he concluded.


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