Tehran(IP)- Iranian knowledge-based and innovative companies will introduce their latest findings and achievements in an exhibition in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's technology innovations and export achievements are locally built to provide hardware services such as shared and dedicated workspaces and conference rooms while Iranian companies, in terms of software services such as market research and product registration, have received numerous international standards. 

The opening of the Iran-made Technology Innovation and Export House in Iraq is also the best opportunity for knowledge-based and creative companies interested in developing their market in this country and provides an excellent opportunity to introduce their capabilities and products. The center was established in collaboration with the Trade Development Organization and the Innovation and Prosperity Fund.

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Moreover, the existence of many border terminals and the reciprocal determination of governments to expand their trading platforms have made it possible for Iranian companies to boost their exports to Iraq and enter the Iraqi market more quickly and directly.

Kurdistan, Baghdad, and Basra as the commercial areas with a high capacity for exporting Iranian knowledge-based and creative products. Also, Iraq is a country that has a high potential to receive Iranian products and has sufficient financial resources to meet these needs by relying on the Iranian market.

According to the office of Iran's Vice-presidency for Science and Technology, the exhibition will start from 3 to 6 July 2022 in Iraq's Sulaymaniyah. 

Iranian technology company CEOs along with some high officials will attend the exhibition.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that the exhibition aims to "assist in marketing and selling the products of creative and creative knowledge in the target countries or geographical region " and " establishment of Iranian companies interested in operating in the target countries. "


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