General Yahya Sarea, the military spokesman for Yemen's armed forces confirmed media reports about the seizure of the Israeli ship in the Read Sea on Tuesday.

Iran PressWest Asia:  "We carried out a military operation in the Red Sea where we seized an Israeli ship and transferred it with its crew," the spokesman of Yemeni Sana'a government's military led by the Ansarullah movement said in a statement on Sunday after the media reported earlier on Sunday that an Israeli ship named “Galaxy Leader” had been seized by Yemen’s Sana'a government army in the Red Sea.

"We will continue our military operations against the Zionist enemy until the end of the invasion of Gaza," General Saree added.

He warned all ships of the Zionist regime or ships that cooperate with this regime that they will be a legitimate target for the Yemeni armed forces.

Earlier, Yemen's armed forces had announced that they would target all types of Israeli ships working for the occupying regime.

Yemen's armed forces also called on all countries around the world to evacuate their citizens working on the ships.


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