Bandar Abbas (IP)- The Deputy of Barkat Foundation announced that one of the initiatives of this foundation in the direction of economic empowerment of underprivileged areas is to strengthen knowledge-based companies.

Iran PressIran news: The Barkat Foundation deputy, Mohsen Mardali, on Wednesday 29 November in the gathering of reporters at the Persian Gulf Biotechnology Research Center in Qeshm, announced: "So far, 1,250 knowledge-based companies have been supported by Barkat Foundation, and this foundation has employed 11,000 people, and 1,000 billion Tomans have been invested in this field."

The Barkat Foundation's manager for employment projects added: "In general, Barkat Foundation's measures in the field of knowledge-based companies have been in industrial, service and agricultural fields. He made another point by referring to the performance of knowledge-based companies in the field of business productivity. Knowledge-based products have been able to enter the export market, which has reached nearly 30 countries, he emphasized.

In this regard, Reza Rabiei, the head of the knowledge-based company "Anahita Marine Biodiversity", which operates in the Persian Gulf Biotechnology Research Center, also said: "This company was established in 2014 and it was registered as a knowledge-based company in 2015.

Rabiei added: "We have 7 knowledge-based products and we are active in the field of algae breeding and processing. Algae fertilizer product of this company was launched last year with the support of Barkat Foundation."

Rabiei said: "We produce 60 tons per year, which are used in agriculture, greenhouses, etc., and we are looking to develop production up to 400 tons per year. We are establishing a new industry in which 43 countries are active, but Iran's share is small."


Food security is a vital issue for all societies

Mohsen Mardali, also, in his speech in Hormozgan province, said: "All actions of countries in economic, cultural and social terms depend on providing people's livelihood, and the important issue in this field is delivering food security."

Mardali pointed to the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and said that according to the order of the Supreme Leader, the issue of food security is the top priority issue of the country and should not be neglected.

Mardali added: "Therefore, the issue of food security is a vital issue for all societies."

Mardali continued: "Barkat Foundation focused its special work on the issue of food production, which according to the definition in the model of cultivation and land preparation document, more than 145 million tons of food should be produced at least by 2027.

Mardali said: "The amount of food production in the country is currently 125 million tons, and efforts should be made to follow up this issue by improving productivity and implementing special plans in the field of agricultural production."

Mardali concluded: "In terms of providing food, almost the country's needs are covered through domestic production, but this issue should be viewed with a future perspective. And this gap of 20 million tons requires planning so that we can use land, water and agricultural conditions efficiently."  219