Tehran(IP)- The senior adviser to the Leader in international affairs in the meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Tehran emphasized that China is a strategic ally of Iran.

Iran PressIran news: "Ali Akbar Velayati," the senior adviser to the Leader in international affairs, met with the Chinese ambassador to Tehran, "Chang Hua," and discussed bilateral relations and regional and international issues.

According to the Young Journalists Club, in this meeting, Velayati emphasized the importance of strengthening and expanding the strategic relations between the two countries and said: "China is following its communications development plan, especially in the context of the One Belt, One Road project, and in this regard, using Iran's capacities and passing this route through the Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously on the agenda and must be followed."

The senior adviser to the Leader in international affairs also said: "Iran and China's consensus regarding the future of Afghanistan will be very important and effective, while the only way is to form an inclusive government that will be supported by the public."

Regarding Russia's confrontation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) massive attack on that country and the threat to China's integrity from the United States, Velayati added: "We must stand firm against the conspiracies, attacks, and threats of the enemies, and Iran also condemns the actions of the United States."

He noted that the development of relations between Iran, China, and Russia would have lasting and essential effects in various fields.

The Ambassador of China to Tehran; also appreciated the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the One-China policy and emphasized the expansion and strengthening of cooperation between Iran and China and said: "This cooperation should be strengthened and pursued more seriously."

"Chang Hua" added: "Iran-China relations are based on mutual respect and the leaders of the two countries have worked hard to establish these relations."


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