Iranian faculty member:

Mashhad (IP) – The head of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Park said that the role of new technologies is vital in food security.

Iran PressIran news: Mohammad-Jafar Seddiq, a faculty member at the University of Tehran and Head of the Information and Communication Technology Park, told Iran Press in Mashhad that the creation of an intelligent greenhouse network is on the agenda as part of the use of artificial intelligence in the agricultural industry.

He said introducing technology into the agricultural industry could increase the quality and production, and the agricultural sector would change with artificial intelligence technology.

Seddiq added that to produce one kilogram of tomatoes on Iranian farms, about 300 liters of water is needed. Still, in the Netherlands with 4 liters of water and Spain with 35 liters of water, one kilogram of tomatoes is produced.

He said that Iran has now decreased the required amount of water to 30 liters per kilogram of laboratory greenhouses to produce one kilogram of tomatoes. In the next phase, this amount of water will soon be reduced to 10 liters.

In the framework of Iran's scientific achievements, eight knowledge-based products were unveiled on Monday in Mashhad Information and Communication Technology Park, the capital of Khorasan Razavi Province.

According to the Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology, the number of Iranian knowledge-based companies and start-ups in the past eight years has increased from 50 to nearly 7,000. 


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Eight knowledge-based products unveiled in Mashhad