IRIB World Service Head:

Tehran (IP) - Head of IRIB World Service said that the US' recent pressures on Iran by imposing cruel sanctions have aimed at making Iran succumb, but it has failed to do so as the Americans themselves confessed because the Islamic Republic of Iran is standing strong.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the 10th session General Assembly of the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union, Peyman Jebeli said that Iran militarily, technologically and scientifically is getting powerful in the fields like producing homemade anti- coronavirus vaccine as the first Muslim country in the world and West Asia.

Jebeli added that people's significant turnout in the recent presidential election despite economic challenges and coronavirus outbreak along with losses have brought up with it, enemies' pressures and sanctions, proved how enemies are deeply mistaken.

Peyman Jebeli noted: "Our big responsibility is to show the Islamic Republic of Iran and other resistance movement countries' achievements on the screen and also to strengthen the Resistance Movement."

"US and Israel failed to defeat Yemenis, and people's glorious turnout in presidential elections indicates the government and Syrian people's integrity," he said.

"Blocking Iranian affiliated websites by the US just will make these websites stronger, plus the US cannot stop Palestinians to be heard or be supported by others in the world," Jebelli highlighted.

"Many people around the world like in Chicago and London have stood up against US and Israel atrocities, so strengthening media is a must," he noted.

"The Resistance Movement (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran) achievements are increasing day by day, so have their challenges," said the head of IRIB World Service, Peyman Jebeli.

The 10th session General Assembly of the Islamic Radio and Television Union with 'Media Justice and Freedom of Speech' slogan was held, with Abdulali Ali-Askari IRIB Broadcast President, Peyman Jebeli head of IRIB world service, and other union media members, political experts, and cultural officials, in attendance.

The event was held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at IRIB Int'l Conference Centre, Tehran in full compliance with hygienic protocols.

The event was also held in Baghdad, Beirut, Gaza, Kabul, Istanbul, and Sanaa simultaneously as well.


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