Israeli regime said that the United States inappropriately intervened in its internal affairs as the fallout continues from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to increase his far-right coalition’s say in how judges are chosen.

Iran PressAmerica: On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed for at least a month, but vowed to resume an effort to change how Israel appoints judges to the Supreme Court. The court is especially pivotal in Israel and could rule over future legislation from Netanyahu's coalition or even eventually over Netanyahu's own corruption trial. The effort has prompted months of demonstrations in Israel, with protesters saying it's an attempt to pave the way for a nationalist and religious agenda.

US President Joe Biden told reporters a day later that he was very concerned about the judicial proposal. He said there were no plans in the near term for the US to invite Netanyahu to the White House responding to what was apparently an offhand remark by the US ambassador to Israel that Netanyahu could be invited soon.

Later in the day, reporters from mainly US media were invited to hear a senior Israeli official speak without naming and mostly without quoting the official with sharper criticism of the White House. The official accused the US of inappropriately intervening and said it was bizarre for Biden to comment after Netanyahu said he was delaying his proposal. 219