Zahedan(IP): The General Directorate of Intelligence of Sistan and Baluchistan of Iran announced the arrest of members of the terrorist team in this southeastern province.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press, Iran's Sistan and Baluchistan General Directorate of Intelligence announced in an announcement that a terrorist team, responsible for the abduction and murder of the Baloch family, was identified and arrested by Iran's security forces.

This announcemnet adds that this 6-person terrorist team recently attempted to kidnap a Baloch family from Iranshahr and transfer them to Saravan, as well as torturing, killing and finally burning the bodies and leaving them in the region.

The notification of the General Directorate of Intelligence of Sistan and Baluchistan of Iran states that after the occurrence of this heinous incident and the demand of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan province, this General Directorate has carried out extensive and comprehensive investigations inside and outside the border, and finally, all the members of the terrorist team were identified and arrested.

In this announcement, it is stated that, like several cases of murders or killings in recent months in different regions of Iran, in this brutal crime, the enemy immediately presented the scenario of attributing the murders to the security guards of Iran with aimed at inducing an atmosphere of insecurity and cynicism towards the security apparatus. And they followed policing and injecting an atmosphere of terror and reproducing chaos and disturbance; The connection between these provocations and the terrorist scenario will not be overlooked in the investigation process.

From the end of September 2022, different regions of Iran witnessed riots, which in the very first days, the role of some Western media and governments in its spread was evident.

In these riots, the political leaders of America, Canada, and sometimes Europe, their media, as well as Persian media supported by the West, with the slogan of supporting the rights of the Iranian nation, left no stone unturned to support the rioters and disrupters of the nation's security.

Despite the widespread propaganda and lies spread by the Western-affiliated media, the large presence of the Iranian people made the riots and disturbances end quickly.


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