(IP) - The Director-General of the Airports of East Azarbaijan province of Iran announced the launching of the Tabriz-Yerevan flight.

Iran PressIran News:  On Tuesday, Ramin Azari, Director General of the Airports of East Azerbaijan province of Iran, said that the flights between Tabriz and Yerevan from Shahid Madani International Airport launched.

Azari added that the flight launches every Monday and Thursday from Tabriz to Yerevan and from Yerevan to Tabriz.

He stated that with the launching Tabriz-Yerevan flight, the number of international flights at Tabriz International Airport had reached five routes.

 "The international flights of Tabriz Airport were carried out with four airports, including Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airports in Istanbul, Adana, and Najaf al-Ashraf," he added.

Shahid Madani International Airport is located in the northwest of Tabriz and works 24 hours a day open sky.

Located on the border and international air routes, Tabriz Airport provides services such as navigation, radar, and domestic and international flights, especially international transit flights (overfly) from the member countries of the European Union (EU) to Southeast Asian and Central Asian countries. 


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