The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Monday night condemned the attack by US fighter jets on the positions of the Iraqi People's Mobilization Organization on the country's border with Syria.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the US airstrikes on the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units' positions, calling the US attack a clear violation of Syrian-Iraqi sovereignty.

US fighter jets bombed the support and logistics base of the 14th Brigade of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Hashad al sha'abi) in the Iraqi-Syrian border region on Monday morning, martyring four Iraqi forces.

The Pentagon says US military fighter jets have bombed positions belonging to the Iraqi PMU by the orders of US President Joe Biden.

The United States and the Zionist regime have repeatedly targeted the positions of resistance groups, including the Iraqi PMU in various parts of Iraq and Syria.

The United States and the Zionist regime have stepped up efforts to intensify pressure on the resistance after the resistance forces succeeded in countering terrorist groups in the region.

The Iraqi People's Mobilization Units, as a key member of the Resistance Front, plays a key role in countering US-Zionist conspiracies and actions in the region.

The Iraqi PMU was established in 2014 by the fatwa of Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the supreme authority of the Iraqi Shiites after the ISIS terrorist group occupied some regions and cities of Iraq; Meanwhile, in 2016 with the consent of the Iraqi parliament, the Iraqi PMU was placed under the command of the country's Armed Forces.

The last night's aerial attacks by the US warplanes have sparked widespread condemnation on the part of Iraqi resistance forces, the Armed forces of Iraq as well as political figures. 

The new round of US attacks on Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) or Hashd Shabi came as political parties and groups continue to demand the withdrawal of Americans from Iraqi soil. 219