Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the UN stressed that achieving sustainable development objectives, like pure water and health is facing obstacles.

Iran PressAmerica: Ambassador Amir Saeed Iravani was speaking on Friday at the UN Water Conference.

"The world is at a sensitive juncture now, in which many countries are faced with water crisis and many others will face that challenge very soon," said Iravani.

The Iranian diplomat stated, "This is a global challenge, in which real partnership for mobilizing the required international facilities, science, and technology transfer aimed at boosting capacities in sustainable water resources management in developing countries is necessary."

"In order to achieve shared objectives in the water field, multilateralist support and solidarity, as well as regional and international cooperation must be fortified, and the UN must shoulder its vital responsivity in this respect," he added.

Iran's permanent ambassador to the UN reiterated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has a semi-arid country with limited water resources, is experiencing the effects of the global climate changes and is therefore, like many other parts of the world under the destructive effect of the deteriorating natural environment. Those effects include changes in precipitation pattern, lingering draughts, heat stress, sand and dust storms, air and water pollution, erosion of soil, and loss of natural environments and habitats," said Iravani.

He went on to say, "It is a natural right and basic need of the Islamic Republic of Iran to try to provide pure drinking water for its citizens and will continue its efforts in that field."

Iravani concluded that Iran has devised its Strategic National Water Management Program, after consultations with a broad range of concerned state and private sector bodies, and planned its political priorities for achieving the objectives of National Development Plans in five fields, namely water management, information, and data collection, mobilizing the required financial assets and development of capacity-generating.