The commander of Sudan's rapid reaction forces said that his forces will not retreat until the end of the army's coup.

Iran PressAfrica: Sudan’s paramilitary rapid support forces, known as RSF will not retreat until it ends the army’s “coup,” the leader of RSF Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, better known as Hemedti, said in an audio message on Facebook.

The audio message was released by the RSF on Monday but it was unclear when it had been recorded.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy for Sudan urged the country’s warring generals to honor a seven-day cease-fire that began Monday night, warning the growing ethnic dimension to the fighting risks engulfing Sudan in a prolonged conflict.

Volker Perthes told the UN Security Council that the conflict, which began April 15, has shown no signs of slowing down despite six previous declarations of cease-fires by both sides. All the previous truces have been violated. 219