IP - Investigation on Good News International Church in Kenya shows that more than 400 people died of self-starvation motivated by a Pastor and possible involvement of human organ trafficking.

Iran PressAfrica: The death toll in Kenya, associated with a starvation cult, has now surpassed 400 as authorities uncovered more bodies in 40 recently discovered mass graves.

Speaking at a press briefing held at the Kilifi County Referral Hospital command center, Coast area police chief Rhoda Onyancha revealed that a dozen additional bodies had been exhumed, raising the toll to a staggering 403.

Authorities have been tirelessly investigating the cult and its leader, Pastor Paul Mackenzie, who heads the Good News International Church in Kenya.

Investigations into the Shakahola cult have been ongoing since mid-April, leading to the discovery of hundreds of corpses in the dense Shakahola Forest of Kilifi County.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie stands accused of coercing his followers into self-starvation, promising that it would grant them immediate passage to heaven before the impending apocalypse.

Among those arrested in connection with the mass murders are 37 individuals, including the cult leader's wife, Joyce Mwikamba.

Onyancha revealed that since the commencement of the exhumation process, homicide detectives have diligently gathered 258 DNA samples from the exhumation site.

The investigations have uncovered disturbing details suggesting the possible involvement of human organ trafficking as some of the victims were found with missing organs, intensifying suspicions of illicit organ trade within the cult's activities, according to police.


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