Islamabad (IP)- The Secretary General of Jamiat Ulema e Pakistan, Sahibzad Muhammad Safdar Shah Gillani said that the stance of the Leader of Islamic Revolution is the stance of the whole Muslim world.

Iran PressAsia: While talking to Iran Press, Sahibzad Muhammad Safdar Gillani said that the way Unity Week is celebrated in the whole world and especially in Pakistan with the cooperation of Milli Yekjehti Council and Majlis Wahdat Al-Muslimeen (assembly of Muslim's unity), I think that this is a good, pleasant, peaceful and cool wave for the Ummah; it will establish the unity of the Ummah.

The leader of Jamiat Ulema e Pakistan added: “The ummah will get a chance to become a united ummah, there will be an opportunity to pay tribute to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on the occasion of his birthday”. 

Paying tribute to the Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sahibzada Muhammad Safdar Gillani said: "I believe that the stance of the Supreme Leader of Iran is the stance of the entire Ummah Muhammadiyah. This stance should spread throughout the world and the heads of all the other Islamic countries should also follow his (Supreme Leader) thought and move towards it so that the purpose and mission of the Prophet's (PBUH) Ba'ath can be fulfilled”.


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