Tehran (IP) - The Director of the International Cooperation of Sputnik News Agency and Radio says the media cooperation of Iran and Russia can go forward yet multilaterally along with their partners

Iran PressIran news: In a interview with Iran Press on Sunday, Vasily Pushkov said that he believed in cooperation beyond a bilateral level, noting that Iran and Russia could cooperate while engaging their joint partners in the cooperation. 

With regard to the failure of the Western media in provoking the Russian general public against the country's war on Ukraine, he said the media were acting based on their own system of values and the disregard of the what was going on in the two countries.

A group of Russian media delegations from the Sputnik news agency visited the Iran Press news agency.

The Director of International Cooperation of Sputnik International News Agency and Radio Vassily Pushkov headed the Russian media delegation.


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