A Brazilian activist has taken a petition to court to remove a statue that honors the footballer Daniel Alves in Juazeiro, his hometown after he was convicted in Spain for rape.

Iran PressAmerica: Brazilian football star Dani Alves has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a young woman and sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

The student and activist Manuella Tyler Medrado stated, in an interview with EFE, that the permanence of the sculpture calls into question the “value and dignity of women.”

The decision to request its withdrawal, she notes, not only channels her indignation but that of “all the women of Juazeiro,” a city of nearly 220,000 inhabitants located in the interior of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil.

“We have to form a society where rape culture is not normalized,” defended Medrado, who believes that this is a great opportunity to make it clear that “sexual crimes have to be repudiated,” in this case with the loss of her position as “national hero.”


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