Tehran (IP)- Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaai has strongly condemned a move by the United States England and Canada to impose sanctions against some real and legal persons of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the European Parliament’s recent anti-Iran resolution and their accusations against Tehran.

Iran PressIran news:  Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has strongly condemned a move by the United States, England, and Canada to impose sanctions against some real and legal persons of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the European Parliament’s recent anti-Iran resolution and their accusations against Tehran. 

Kanaai criticized a few European countries’ support for the oppressive approach of the US government. 

 Kanani added that the military capabilities of Iran are proportionate to its needs are aimed at providing security and protecting its national interests, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and are meant for legitimate defense and deterrence against any foreign threats and aggression.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the key players in the international community in ensuring regional peace and international security and in the fight against international terrorism.

 The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that resorting to sanctions against the defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran not only does not weaken its government and people’s resolve to boost Iran’s national clout with the aim of legitimately and decisively defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and national interests of Iran but also, quite contrary to the wishes of the imposers of sanctions, has turned the bans into an opportunity for self-sufficiency and self-reliance, which have in turn strengthened and beefed up Iran's defense and military possibilities. 

 Kanaani strongly criticized the dual approach of the European Parliament regarding the Zionist regime's attack on the diplomatic mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus and Iran's legitimate defense. He said it is regrettable that in its resolution, the European Parliament only expressed regret over the act of aggression by Israel, its violation of international law, and its killing of Iranian anti-terrorist advisors while condemning Iran's legitimate action against the regime in line with the principle of self-defense.

 He asked, “Why does the European Parliament avoid dealing with the root-cause of tension and insecurity in the region, which is the Israeli occupation and the criminal policy of the Zionist regime to kill the Palestinian people, as well as the fake regime’s repeated violation of international law?”

 Kanaani went on to note that in concern with the US policy, the European Parliament instead supports a regime that has been the root cause of insecurity and tension in the region for eight decades.

 He described as clear the principled policy and position of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Ukraine crisis. Kanaani once again rejected claims that Iranian weapons are being used in the Ukraine war, saying if the United States and Europe are sincerely determined to end the war in Ukraine and the war on Gaza, both conflicts will end as soon as possible, but the United States and some European countries insist on standing on the wrong side of history.

He added that Washington and those European governments just pour fuel on the fire and spend much of their energy on making allegations against other countries.

 Kanani underlined that many nations and governments, especially in West Asia, no longer pin their hopes on the US and its European allies nor do they have faith in their role in helping restore stability and security in the region.

 The Foreign Ministry spokesperson added that it is the government and the people of Iran who should question and point the finger at the United States and Europe for their breach of the 2015 nuclear agreement and their destructive and destabilizing role in the region, not these governments that violated the agreement and are now play the victim and brazenly impose new cruel sanctions against the people of Iran.

 Kanaani maintained that were it not for the bravery and resolve of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the IRGC's martyred anti-terrorist advisors in the region, the Daesh terrorists would have reached behind the European Parliament and the heart of the United States and threatened the security of the region and the world even more.

Kanaani questioned why the EP is proposing to designate the only real anti-terrorism force in the world as terrorists. He stated that unless one believes that terrorist groups are working in accordance with the illegitimate goals and interests of the US, a few European governments, and the Zionist regime, to create instability and insecurity in the West Asian region, there is no reason to put the anti-terrorism force on the list of terrorists.

 The Foreign Ministry spokesman underscored that the US’s repetition of illegal and wrong policies and its resorting to sanctions and pressure and the compliance of some European countries with Washington will not create any right or legitimacy for them to make legal claims, and they must be held accountable at some point for such accusations and ruthless actions against the Iranian government and people.


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