Sepahan Football Club's CEO has announced his intention to file a formal complaint with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) following the abrupt cancellation of its match against the Saudi club, Al-Ittihad.

Iran PressIran news: The match was prematurely canceled abruptly on Monday night due to an unnecessary excuse by Saudis, which led to the dissatisfaction of Sepahan and prompted the club to take formal action.

The club’s CEO Mohammad Reza Saket, players, and fans expressed their disappointment and frustration over the abrupt end to the match. They argued that the referee’s decision to end the match was unfair and lacked satisfactory justification. As a result, Sepahan has decided to take the matter to the Asian Football Confederation, seeking a resolution to the incident.

The Iranian club expects to present its case, citing the referee’s decision as unfair and seeking a resolution to the matter. The club’s representatives have also expressed their hope for a thorough investigation into the incident by the AFC, to ensure such an incident does not repeat in the future and to uphold the principles of fair play in the sport.