Tehran (IP) - Iran security forces in the southern city of shiraz foiled a sabotage attack by defusing a bomb on Thursday nigh, one day after a deadly terrorist attack at the shrine of Shah Cheragh.

Iran PressIran news: Governor of Shiraz city in Fras province announced on Friday that the security forces succeeded in defusing a bomb attack and arresting the bomber.

On Wednesday (October 26), a terrorist-armed assailant with a machine gun opened fire on the pilgrims at the Shah Cheragh holy shrine in Shiraz and martyred 15 innocent people. Forty people were injured in the incident.

Lotfollah Sheybani, Governor of Shiraz city in Fras province,, said on Friday that a terrorist who planned to detonate a bomb in a crowded street in Shiraz was arrested on Thursday night during a security operation by law enforcement force.

According to the report, after a warning by intelligent officers of Fars province, the police bomb squad presented at the scene of the planted bomb, arrested the bomber, and started the defusing operation. The Governor of Shiraz told IRNA.

The official warned that the bomber put the explosives inside a bag, and he wanted to detonate it in Maaliabad street, a crowded place to mount casualties.

The identity of the bomber will be declared after investigations.

On Wednesday (October 26), a terrorist armed with a machinegun opened fire on the pilgrims and evening prayer worshippers at the Shah Cheraq holy shrine in Shiraz, martyred 15 innocent people, including some women, children, and elderly folks, and seriously wounding tens of others.

Security forces of Shiraz rushed to the shrine and successfully arrested the terrorist after he was injured in armed clashes by police.

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the heinous act.


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