Tehran (IP)- In a phone call with Mohammed Mokhber, the acting president of Iran, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed his condolences for the loss of Ayatollah Raisi, the martyred president, and emphasized his commitment to reviving and developing bilateral and regional relations between the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: Bin Salman stated that the incident was very painful for Saudi Arabia, and the loss of President Raisi and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who was friendly with his Saudi counterpart, was deeply saddening. He emphasized the pivotal role that Tehran and Riyadh play in the region and the Islamic world and stressed that by expanding their relations, they can create a brighter future for the region.

Mokhber Reiterates Continuation of Neighborhood Policy

In response, Mohammad Mokhbar stated that the development of relations with neighbors and friendly countries was one of the important successes and strategies of Ayatollah Raisi, and his martyrdom will not change Iran's path. He emphasized that the continuation of the neighborhood policy and the development of relations with regional countries is crucial and that companionship and empathy are the guarantees of stability and prosperity in the region.

Mutual Invitations to Visit

Mokhber reiterated the late president's previous invitation for the Saudi Crown Prince to visit Iran and extended the invitation again. Bin Salman accepted the invitation and also invited the acting president to visit Saudi Arabia, underscoring the desire for closer ties between the two nations.

Economic Cooperation and Mutual Needs

Both leaders expressed their countries' readiness to expand economic relations and remove obstacles, especially for the private sector. They acknowledged that the two countries could strengthen their political relations even further by meeting their mutual needs and increasing economic interactions. 204