The Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council has stated that the threat of a nuclear conflict has increased and that arms supplies to Ukraine are bringing a "nuclear apocalypse" closer.

Iran PressEurope: In an interview with Pravda, an extract from which was published on Telegram, Dmitry Medvedev said, "Has the threat of a nuclear conflict passed? No, it has not passed. It has increased. Each day when foreign weapons are delivered to Ukraine ultimately brings this same nuclear apocalypse closer."

"I have the feeling that until a certain point in time, they did not believe in and did not see the extent of Russia’s determination, or the determination of its president or the Supreme Commander, to do what we did. And they miscalculated. The consequences are much more complicated than they could have been if they had signed a document with us in December," Medvedev added.

Medvedev was referring to the agreement proposed by the Russian Federation in December 2021 on the "non-expansion of NATO" and the "pushing back" of the Alliance's borders to the situation as of 1997.

The last time the issue of Russian nuclear threats was raised was in February in connection with Moscow's decision to withdraw from the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START III).

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the UK’s plan to provide Ukraine with depleted uranium rounds, falsely claiming that they were weapons with a "nuclear component".