Tehran(IP): Iran's President said that what has been done in the free zones during the past three years has moved on the country's development path, calling it a good help for economic progress.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani said that as he was inaugurating national projects in trade, industrial and infrastructure, and special economic zones all across the Islamic Iran on Thursday morning via video conferencing.

Iran's President also added that the advantages, facilities, and exemptions of free zones are aimed to produce and export goods competitive with the world and with acceptable standards.

Rouhani highlighted the importance of the free zones' role in the country's economy and said the areas must turn the places into export centers that help the economy of both those regions and the country.

He stressed that the incentives must enable the investors to participate in the economic projects in the free zones and export what is produced in the country. 


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Rouhani to inaugurate national projects in trade, industrial infrastructure & special economic zones