Rome (IP) - The Italian children flew their kites in the sky of Rome, the capital of Italy, to show their solidarity with the Palestinian children in Gaza.

Iran PressEurope: The ceremony was held on Sunday evening with the presence of dozens of Italian families and supporters of Palestine on the initiative of the Italian Association 'Palestine Narrative', in front of the Colosseum ancient amphitheater.

The association head Raffaella Biondi told Iran Press correspondent in Rome that the kites were flown in solidarity with the Palestinian children in Gaza who have been massacred by the Israeli bombs for more than three months. 

An Italian woman told Iran Press: Me and my children participated in the ceremony to express solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian children. 

She said what was going on in Gaza was a genocide of Palestinians and was intolerable, noting that those who have turned a blind eye to the massacre of the Palestinian women and children should know that the people of the world are aware of the reality. 

As the Israeli regime's aggression on Gaza since October 7 entered its 100th day, the number of Palestinian people martyred neared 24,000.  

Earlier, thousands of Italian people staged a rally on Saturday in support of the people of the Gaza Strip and condemn the US and the UK's attacks on Yemen. 


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