Palestine (IP) - Following the martyrdom of the Palestinian captive Sheikh Khader Adnan in the Israeli prisons, Resistance forces in Gaza fired missiles at Israeli positions around the strip.

Iran PressMiddle East: Sheikh Khader Adnan, one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, was martyred on Tuesday, May 2, in the prison of the Israeli regime after 86 days of hunger strike.

The “Joint Command of Resistance Groups” (an umbrella group comprising Palestinian armed factions in Gaza) has in a statement claimed responsibility for launching 22 rockets on Israel on Tuesday as ‘a first response’ to the death of Sheikh Khader Adnan, Al Jazeera reported.

Reports show Israeli artillery hitting the eastern Gaza strip, followed by 10 Palestinian missiles fired from Gaza toward Israel.

Channel 14 of the Israeli regime reported the complete destruction of a house in Sderot following the attack; the Israeli army ordered the Zionist settlers near the Gaza Strip to stay in places near the shelters.

In the meantime, Palestinian media sources reported that contacts are being made by regional countries with factions to prevent a wide escalation in response to Adnan’s death.

Still, in a statement, Hezbollah’s Media Relations Office said the Lebanese resistance movement “fully supports Palestinian resistance groups in its retaliatory measures in response to martyrdom of Sheikh Adnan,” Al-Manar TV reported.


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