Israeli special forces conducted a naval landing on a Lebanese beach in southern Lebanon earlier this month, A Lebanese newspaper reported.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to a security report, Israeli commando units landed on a beach off the coast of Jiyyeh, nearly 24 kilometers south of Beirut, around 2 weeks ago.

The force stayed on the beach for some time before leaving through the same route it had taken for the landing, the Lebanese Al-Joumhouria newspaper reported Monday.

The Israeli units, which entered Lebanon aboard an advanced military boat, were on an exploratory mission, the objective of which is not entirely clear, the newspaper reported.

Jiyyeh was chosen for the mission because it has relatively low traffic and includes remote areas. However, it was not the first area in Lebanon where Israeli forces are believed to have stepped foot in recently.

Several clues have indicated direct Israeli activity in various locations around Lebanon, not long ago, the same source revealed, pointing out that Israel is working on activating its security and military activity in the country.

In one of the past few days, Hezbollah was on high alert in the southern suburbs of Beirut (Dahieh), after receiving information and indicators that Israeli commandos might have snuck into the Lebanese interior on a security mission, the report noted.

This information, coupled with the excessive airspace violations, often at low altitudes, by the Israeli air force over the past few weeks, indicates that Israel might be planning something in Lebanon that, as of yet, remains ambiguous.