Tehran (IP) - Iran's President on Saturday stressed that the views and the suggestions of Iran's medical community should be used and reflected in parliamentary bills and ratification.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at a conference dubbed as "Long-lasting Service" in honor of the memory of all the martyrs defending health, shrine, and the ones of the sacred defense, Iran President Ebrahim Raisi said on Saturday: "I honor Abu Bakr Muhammad Zakariya Razi, a well-known Persian polymath, and Abu Ali Sina or Ibn Sina, one of the most outstanding Iranian scientists and physicians, as two famous and proud personalities of the Islamic world, and due to the scientific and research value of these two great men, I honor their birth dates as the day of Physician and pharmacist. Hence , these two days have been called the days of "Long-lasting Service".

According to Iran press, Raisi emphasized that the term "service" is clear in every government, territory and climate, stating: "However, there are different types of services. A service is aimed at gaining profit, and there is a "materialistic" view in such a service."

Raisi went on to elaborate that the second type of service is "in altruism" and philanthropy, which brings a humanitarian perspective, and there is a humanitarian accommodation behind such a service. God has placed this feeling in all his servants to love their own kind."

The President called the service for God as another type of service, saying: "This type of service makes it permanent and immortal."

Referring to one of the statements by Martyr Morteza Motahari, Raisi pointed out: "In this type of service, if a person is not appreciated, it does not cause discomfort or criticize the person. These services cannot be compensated with material values. How can you compensate someone who has deprived himself of comfort and seeing his home and family for his deeds in a month?"

The Iranian president added: "Some works, and sacrifices cannot be compensated with material things. Which measurement can be balanced with sincere forgiveness and sacrifice? All people are grateful for the worthy services of the martyrs in the field of health today. The people are now grateful to the medical and healthcare community in Iran."

"We thank you from the bottom of our hearts," he said, referring to the points raised by the medical community present in the meeting. Raisi added: "I would like to use the views, opinions and valuable suggestions of scholars, doctors and pharmacists and the nursing and medical community." "Consulting with you in making decisions is a great investment for the health and treatment complex and parliamentarians," the President stressed. Raisi added: "It is good that your needs and comments are taken into consideration in the plans and bills. Have detailed discussions about your comments; Supporting the medical community is a great investment for the government, country and decision makers."

Emphasizing that one should not be satisfied with the amount of knowledge available in the country and universities, he clarified: "We have a good position in the neighboring countries and the region. Many of our cities and provinces have the potential to be health hubs. Many of our cities are the best in medicine and have won the attention of the world."

Referring to one of his visits to the science and technology park, the President said: "Our pharmacist community does not feel weak in today's pharmaceutical debate. We are one of the medicine exporters. During the recent meetings in the government with the presidents of different countries, the discussion of our medicine and pharmaceuticals and the desire for communication and diplomacy in this area were emphasized."


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