Tehran (IP)- During a ceremony honoring the medal winners of the World Olympiads, President Ebrahim Raisi highlighted the significant advancements in education and scientific research in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Raisi emphasized that before the Islamic Revolution, Iran did not have any international magazines, but now there are more than 300. He credited the revolution for prioritizing science and knowledge, leading to substantial growth and development in these areas.

He noted that the number of faculty members in the country has surpassed 100,000, with the amount of articles published increasing from 500 in 1978 to 78,000 today.

The president pointed out that under the leadership of a knowledgeable individual who values scientific progress, Iran has seen a remarkable expansion in universities and student enrollment. He urged observers to compare the state of scientific centers before and after the revolution to fully appreciate the advancements made.

Raisi concluded by highlighting the revolution's commitment to promoting science and enhancing its standing within the country. The strides made in education and research serve as a testament to Iran's dedication to advancing knowledge and innovation.


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