Havana(IP)- The President of the Republic of Iran, arrived in Havana on Thursday morning and was welcomed by the Cuban authorities upon his arrival at Cuba's international airport.

Iran PressAmerica: In an hour, Iran's Presented Ebrahim Raisi is scheduled to be officially welcomed by Miguel Diaz-Canel, the 19th president of Cuba.

On Monday morning, the Islamic President of Iran, heading a political and economic delegation, in order to strengthen relations with friendly and equal countries, left for Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in Latin America, with Caracas being the first destination of the president's five-day trip.

In addition to meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro, Raisi, high-ranking delegations, the speaker of the parliament, and a group of heads of the commissions of the national parliament of this country, on a two-day trip,  he also visited the science and technology exhibition of Iranian achievements and the start of the production line of two major Iranian automobile companies and ended his plans in Venezuela by signing 26 cooperation documents and giving a speech to Venezuelan youth and elites.

Ebrahim Raisi also arrived in Managua on Wednesday morning after the end of his trip to Venezuela.

During his trip to Nicaragua, Raisi met with his counterpart, Daniel Ortega, the president, and representatives of the National Assembly of this country, and attended a meeting with the students of the University of Managua. The high-ranking officials of Iran and Nicaragua also signed 3 cooperation documents in the presence of the presidents of the two countries on Thursday morning.

Cuba is the end of the first part of the presidential visit to the Latin American region.


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