The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) strongly criticized the Palestinian Authority for returning to talks with Israel, saying that the PA ignored national consensus.

Iran PressMiddle East: In a statement issued on its 53rd anniversary and sent to media, the PFLP stressed that returning to talks with Israel is a continuation of failed bets on US administrations.

The PFLP urged the PA to carry out a critical and comprehensive review for its political and organizational bodies, stressing that it should consider the national necessity to correct its national Palestinian track.

It called for a comprehensive dialogue among all Palestinian factions to agree on a clear agenda and reiterate the Palestinian rights, as well as pushing for ending the internal Palestinian division.

At the same time, the PFLP called for maintaining the PLO as a supreme national referee and representative for the Palestinians.

The Palestinian party pressed for achieving social justice and democratic freedom for the Palestinians facing poverty, violence, and exploitation, as well as for reinforcing alliance with the Arab liberation movement.

It also urged extending cooperation bridges with all of the committees and lobbies rejecting the imperialist and Zionist domination on the world, the Arab region, and Palestine.

The PFLP necessitated the need for developing and expanding the solidarity activities with the Palestinians and their rights inside and outside Palestinian, and through the official bodies of the international community including the United Nations and its branches.