Palestinian resistance groups have strongly condemned the Emirates airline's decision to suspend a Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Tel Aviv.

Iran Press/Middle East: Emirates airline has suspended a Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to Israel.

Moneem Saheb Tabaa confirmed the suspension on his Facebook page, which he has since closed.

"God is [the] only [one] who takes care of me…" said Tabaa. "I do not regret it." The pilot is suspended pending a formal hearing.

According to Al-Mayadin, Palestinian resistance groups called the UAE's decision to cancel the Tunisian pilot's activities a disgrace.

Many activists praised Tabaa for his defiant stance in opposing last year's normalization deals between Israel and several Arab states. The UAE was the first of the recent states to establish diplomatic ties with Israel, along with Bahrain, Sudan, and, more recently, Morocco.