IP - Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement “strongly” condemning “Israel’s military aggression against Rafah city in Gaza and the resulting destruction and massacre of the Palestinian people”.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Israel has been bombarding Rafah by air and sea but is planning a full-scale ground invasion on the southernmost city in Gaza where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled. 

Pakistan’s statement said that an offensive on Rafah would “violate the provisional measures indicated by the International Court of Justice to protect the people of Gaza from genocide  Pakistan also said that the planned incursion would “further aggravate the humanitarian disaster witnessed in Gaza” and “jeopardise the ongoing efforts for a potential ceasefire”. 

Pakistan said that the UN Security Council – which is currently considering a draft ceasefire resolution – should especially “take urgent measures to bring an immediate end to Israeli aggression”. 204

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