Over 80 Organizations Urge Biden to Prioritize Ending US Involvement in Yemen War

WASHINGTON (IP)- Over 80 organizations representing millions of people across the United States sent a joint letter to President-elect Joe Biden with an urgent request that he prioritize ending U.S. support for the disastrous Saudi-led war in Yemen, as he indicated he would during his campaign.

Iran PressAmerica: The letter, from groups ranging from foreign policy organizations to faith-based groups, outlines the specific measures Biden should take through executive powers and by working with Congress, Common Dreams reported.

Acknowledging that when Biden comes into office, he will surely get pushback from those who want to keep the US involved in the Saudi-led war in Yemen, the signers of the letter felt it necessary to show that there is a broad constituency clamoring for an end to nearly five years of participation in this catastrophic war and for the US to help the Yemeni people rebuild their lives.

“Before coronavirus, Yemen was already experiencing the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet,” the letter reads, pointing out that the Saudi-led bombing campaign and blockade of ports have decimated the country’s healthcare infrastructure and severely damaged access to clean water, sanitary systems, and nutrition. “Ending US participation would signal to millions of Yemenis living in Yemen and thousands of Yemeni-Americans who worry about their families in Yemen that weapon sales and geopolitical chess moves are not more important than their lives and the lives of their loved ones,” the letter continued.

“It would be a monumental first achievement for your administration that would be praised by Americans across the ideological spectrum,” it added.

“American involvement in this brutal catastrophe is shameful and must come to an end. Pulling the U.S. out should be among Biden’s top priorities for his first days in office.” — Ariel Gold, CODEPINK national co-director.

Biden is given an opportunity to correct the wrong policy of supporting the Saudi war on Yemen in 2015 under the Obama administration. I hope that he now helps end the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, one that he helped create. — Aisha Jumaan, Yemen Relief, and Reconstruction Foundation.

"It's time for America to reclaim its moral compass and withdraw completely from any involvement in the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen." — Hal Ginsgurb, Our Revolution

"As military veterans, we know the true cost of war. The victims of the armed Saudi- led conflict in Yemen to include starving children and countless people suffering from COVID-19. It is shameful to have American support for atrocities that only benefit weapon industries and Saudi royalty. If the United States will have credibility as a stabilizing leader in the international community, we need to start by prioritizing humanitarian aid and stop enabling warmongering." - Garett Reppenhagen former US Army Sniper, Executive Director of Veterans For Peace.

"The American people have been calling on the United States to end all support for the Saudi-UAE coalition's disastrous war in Yemen that serves as the worst humanitarian crisis, said Yasmine Taeb, Senior Fellow at Center for International Policy, adding: "The US needs to prioritize human rights in our foreign policy and must stop providing arms to authoritarian or repressive governments that systematically violate human rights." 

While millions of Americans recently finished their Thanksgiving feasts, millions of Yemenis will face famine without action by the new Congress and Administration. The new government should rapidly stop backing the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen begun under the  Obama-Biden Administration, and ensure an end to the de facto blockade which is starving the Yemeni people. Through the recently-introduced War Powers Resolution, Congress is once again asserting its will to stop US participation in this unconstitutional war. The Biden Administration should stop all participation in the war including intelligence sharing and refocus on true US security interests rather than the whims of the famine-causing Saudi dictatorship.


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