London (IP) – The information base of the UK government announced the increase of homeless people in England by providing official statistics.

Iran PressEurope: Official statistics from January to March 2022 estimated the number of homeless or at risk of homelessness to be 74,230 households in the UK, which has increased compared to last year.

This is while the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government spokesperson announced in 2017 that no one should ever be forced to sleep on the streets. The government plans to solve the problem of homelessness by 2022 and root out the problem by 2027.

According to an Iran Press correspondent in London, the official statistics of the UK government in 2022 show that this official claim in 2017 was more propaganda and indicates the deterioration of the UK economy in the last five years.

According to official statistics, in the fall of 2017, the number of homeless people in the UK increased by 15% compared to the previous year, reaching 4,751 people, and in March 2019, it went to 9,000 people in London.

According to experts, people who stay in municipal shelters or temporary residences do not include homeless people.

The CEO of a British charity recently announced that the number of homeless people is much higher than that of people who sleep on the street at night. The high number of homeless people indicates a housing crisis in society.

Ms. Polly Nate says that if people who are temporarily accommodated in residences or at the homes of their friends and acquaintances are added to this figure, the number reaches hundreds of thousands.

To prove this news, on a working day, when the number of homeless people is usually less than on weekends, the Iran Press reporter walked through Ajur and Kilburn streets in the British capital to Midvale to depict the number of homeless people on one of London's streets.

In the footage, one or two homeless people were sleeping at a distance of about one or two hundred steps from each other, and they spent the night among sleeping bags, cartons, or some without any bedding at stores' entrances on public roads. Most of them were begging in the same place during the day.

Official statistics show that a quarter of London's homeless sleep on Westminster Street.

Iran Press reporter went to Manchester to document the homeless situation and witnessed homeless people and beggars in Piccadilly Square and Oxford Street of Manchester.

One of the beggars wearing the Manchester United soccer team's shirt and cap told the Iran Press reporter that he is a supporter of this team.


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