Abuja(IP): On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Nigerian youths in an exclusive interview with Iran Press expressed their opinions on the lessons they believe Africans could learn from the Iranian style of struggle for freedom.

Iran PressAfrica: Aliyu Musa Othman, a Nigerian youth student in Bauchi State says "As a student, I would like to talk about the lessons we can take from the life of Imam Ruhullah Khomeini who gave priority to seeking and giving knowledge. This idea has been the backbone of his struggle against tyranny. Adopting this idea will be a great thing to regain the freedom of Africa and Africans.

And also, I would like to urge my fellow Nigerian youths, to improve our efforts in seeking knowledge and apply it into practice as we learn from the life of Imam Khomeini to enhance our working capacity to achieve our goals. Freedom is not given, it's always taken. Without knowledge, we can never achieve that. So, let us retrieve and take back our freedom by educating ourselves."

Firdausi Ali, a young female activist in Abuja said Imam Khomeini is the epitome of justice, freedom and resistance against injustice. "Resistance is one of the tools Imam Khomeini used in conquering the oppressors. He stood up against oppression. He supported and gave all he had to give rights to the ones who were being oppressed and for justice to prevail. That was one of the keys that led to the successful revolution that the Iranian people are now enjoying."

Salman Jamil Sa'ad, also a student in Abuja mentioned unity as one of the things to be learned by Africans from the life of late Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, citing the famous saying of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who warned Muslims ummah that when Muslims are arguing insulting each other on whether it's good or bad to fold hands when performing Salah, the enemies are plotting on how to cut off their hands. "Our enemies are looking for a way they can penetrate to extract our resources and make us fight (each other) and make a lot of mess up. For example, like the Europeans. They're looking for a hole to penetrate to make us fight each other," the young boy said.

Hassan Isa in his opinion said Imam Khomeini's struggle was for humanity through standing against tyranny, therefore, Africans should copy from him.

"Here in Nigeria or Africa as a whole, actually we are dealing with so many oppressors and tyrants. We can learn from Imam Khomeini's struggle to stand against tyranny. In Africa, we have so-called independence but actually, here in Nigeria we do not have real independence. We can learn from Imam Khomeini how to stand against Western countries that are colonizing Africa. We should stand and say no to them as Imam Khomeini stood up and said no to those oppressors and tyrants," he concluded. According to Muhammad Tayyib, a student in Bauchi State, whichever aspect of Imam Khomeini's life, is a lesson to be taken. "Imam Khomeini said we must stand against atrocities and campaign against tyranny and tyrants. If we succeed in pushing them backward, that's better, if we don't succeed, at least we have done our duty. Imam was good. He made what people thought was impossible became possible by overthrowing the Western-backed government in Iran.

He achieved this through his good relationship with Allah. We all noticed that obedience to Allah gives ample of pleasure. Whatever you see from Imam, such as his personality, his attitude, ideas, faith, morality, his sociopolitical views, you will find out that he was such a great man with a legacy that will always be remembered."

When expressing her views to Iran Press on the lesson to be learned from Imam Khomeini's life, Sajida Muhammad said Iranians before the Islamic Revolution had faced similar bad situations the Nigerians are facing now, therefore, Nigerians need to follow the footsteps of Imam Khomeini to tackle the country's challenges which include insecurity and hegemony of Western countries. 219

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