On occasion of 10-day Fajr;

Accra(IP): A popular Ghanaian Islamic cleric and philosopher Sheikh Muhammed Yakub in an exclusive interview with Iran Press has described Imam Khamenei as a supreme and great leader and also a unifier who has reflected on the achievements of Imam Khomeini.

Iran PressAfrica: According to Sheikh Yakub, the Leader, Imam Khamenei continues with the great transformation on the national, Islamic, and global levels of the late Imam Khomeini (RA).

“Imam Khomeini known to be the Islamic Republic of Iran's revolutionary leader during his tenure has done a great job by doing everything possible to exonerate the people of Iran from the troubles of the West. Iran as a state has suffered for close to fifteen years in the hands of the West, maltreating them, shedding blood, taking lives, and also causing them to go through some level of torture. Imam Khomeini may Allah be pleased with him, after his return from Paris decided to do everything possible to call upon his people to join hands to fight and gain their independence, he was widely accepted in Iran and his thoughts and mindset played a very huge role in gaining the independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

“After his demise, Imam Khamenei also took over, Imam Khamenei also started from home, he called on his people to put hands together. One of the things that Imam Khomeini did was to ensure that he opened his doors for people who were willing to come and give their support to Iran to overcome the West that was torturing them. Imam Khamenei after taking over from Imam Khomeini also did his best to open his doors for nations that are willing to come and join hands to fight for the independence of Iran.  Imam Khomeini as part of what he did also was he believed that knowledge was everything, so he encouraged his people and gave them all the chances and all the opportunities to acquire knowledge because he believed that with knowledge they can achieve their goals. “

“Imam Khamenei after succeeding Imam Khomeini also continues with this vision of ensuring that knowledge is acquired with all the ease that is required for their people to be strong mentally, psychologically, and physically to be able to stand the torture of the West. He also ensured that they could live without the assistance of the West.

Imam Yakub also referred to the incredible dimensions of Imam Khomeini’s character in religious sciences, strength of character, power, and will, rising for the cause of God and revolutionary politics and creating transformation in the human system not only in Iran but to all other countries in need of his support.

“Imam Khomeini during his tenure also helped nations that are in need, he extended his help to them to ensure that they also get some benefit from Iran as a state, Imam Khamenei after taking over, also identified some of the poor nations and nations that wants support in terms of education, health and infrastructure and ensure that he extended his help to those nations. These are some of the good deeds that Imam Khomeini did which of course Imam Khamenei after taking over also continued”. 219

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