The scientific secretary of the 3rd National Award for Epic Story said in the press conference of this event: The task of epic is to create identity and defend cultural boundaries.

Iran PressIran News: The press conference of the 3rd National Epic Award was held in the presence of the artistic deputy of the art department, the head of the Khorasan Razavi art department and the scientific secretary of the National Epic Story Award in the hall of the late Tahereh Safarzadeh of the art department.

In this meeting, Mohammadreza Sharfi Khobushan, the scientific secretary of the 3rd National Award for Epic Stories, explained the objectives of this event and said: The award should be influential both in the level of the society's culture and in the works produced..

The National Award for Epic Story presents the epic story as a species in the country's fiction literature, which is a special type of story arising from the history of civilization, culture and collective actions of the people.

Pointing out that what enriches the fiction of a country is dealing with collective actions and creating self-awareness in the society, he added: In the history of every country and nation, epics are formed to defend the achievements of that country.

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According to Sharfi Khobushan, by appreciating the achievements, identity is formed and the question of the nation arises. In the National Epic Story Award in the field of novels and short stories, we can bring a type of story that our nation wants. 

Majid Asgari, the head of Khorasan Razavi province art district, also gave explanations about the activities of the epic art secretariat and said: The epic art secretariat of Khorasan Razavi art district started its work 5 years ago. In this secretariat, we have set the foundation to make changes in the content of the country's activities by using Iranian-Islamic identity issues and try to create conditions for artists to move in this direction.


The head of Khorasan province's artistic field, Razavi added: The structure of the art secretariat has three main axes; The first and main axis is the concept of art and research about this concept. The second axis is the productions that we have entered more or less, such as up-to-date moving screens with a look at ancient literature, and the third and most important axis is the axis of sensibility, in which we have organized two courses of epic cinema and epic stories.

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