Military hospitals treating COVID-19 Patients

Tehran (IP) - Advisor to the health Minister and Director of Coordination between the Executive Branches countering Covid-19 said over 50 Iran's military hospitals have begun to receive the coronavirus patients.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in a press conference held today March 23 at the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, commander Nasrollah Fathian with the aim of countering COVID-19 said that a headquarter has been launched to offer services to the public. 

"Over 50 military hospitals have begun to receive the coronavirus patients and 10,000 hospital beds are considered for recovering of the patients," he added. 

Commander Nasrollah Fathian also stated that the virus seems to be a biological attack, however; the case is under investigation to be checked and proved thoroughly. 

In response to Iran Press correspondent, Commander Nasrollah Fathian said the bulk of military hospitals across the country have begun to admit the coronavirus diagnosed ones.

"Armed Forces' hospitals have given services to over 6,000 individuals that all are public. He added that there are still medical shortages,1000 doctors, 1000 nurses, and clinics needed to meet the shortages, which of 478 have been provided."

He also referred to sanitization of the environment and public places, calling the performance of Armed forces and Health Ministry's forces as a "great job". 

"Withholding consecutive meetings with provincial commanders the shortages are also going to be met and removed soon," he added.


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