Merkel, Putin to hold talks in Moscow/ Photo by AP

German Chancellor and Russian president are arranged to discuss Afghanistan and other 'big' issues in Moscow on Friday amid the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

Iran PressEurope: Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin will also talk about challenging issues like a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany opposed by the United States, the repression of dissent in Belarus, and allegations that the Belarusian government has channeled migrants into Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland intending to destabilize the European Union.
Russia’s treatment of opposition politician Alexei Navalny and Ukraine which remains a source of ongoing tension between the two leaders’ countries, is another issue under discussion between to leaders.

Merkel and Moscow-Belin Relation

Merkel, 67, who grew up in communist East Germany and is fluent in Russian, has always stressed that relations with Russia can only improve through dialogue. Her visit to Moscow will be one of her last trips abroad as chancellor since she is not running in Germany’s national election next month. 

Merkel’s visit to Moscow comes as the chancellor is nearing the end of her almost 16-year-long leadership of Germany. She and Putin, who has served as Russia’s president or prime minister since 2000, managed to maintain a line of communication over the years despite their many political differences.

Despite his and Merkel’s years of experience as leaders and with each other, experts are skeptical Friday’s meeting will improve the ties between Germany and Russia.


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