The Kremlin on Thursday night stated Russian President his French counterpart hold a phone call discussing various issues, including Iran's nuclear deal, JCPOA.

Iran PressEurope: Russian President Vladimir Putin held phone conversations with French President Emmanuel Macron and on Thursday to discuss various issues such as the situation in Afghanistan and JCPOA.

The Kremlin said in a statement that Putin and Macron called for the talks to move forward, making the full implementation of the deal possible.

Russia and France are members of the JCPOA Joint Commission.

In recent months, Russia has repeatedly stressed the need to lift all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran as a precondition for the nuclear talks in Vienna, while France is trying to put pressure on Iran alongside the United States.

So far, six rounds of talks have been held with the aim of the United States' return to JCPOA. In this regard, Tehran has stated that the lifting of all unilateral and illegal sanctions by Washington and their verification will be a condition for reaching an agreement.

Following the unilateral and illegal withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA on May 8, 2018, by US former President Donald Trump's order, Iran tried to maintain the nuclear agreement, provided that the other parties to the agreement adhered to their obligations, but the Europeans failed in the practical measures to maintain the agreement. 219