Nouakchott (IP) - 200 Mauritanian Ulema and Imams issued a Fatwa emphasizing the prohibition of relations with the Zionist regime.

Iran PressAfrica: 200 Mauritanian ulema and imams issued a fatwa on Sunday evening (yesterday), declaring relations with the Zionist regime forbidden.

According to the Fatwa, any relationship with the Zionist regime that "occupies the land of Palestine and Al-Qods and its suburbs are forbidden."

The Ulema called on the Mauritanian government to adhere to its previous statements.

Nouakchott had previously stated that it did not intend to normalize relations with the Zionist regime.

Former Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz decided to freeze Mauritania's relations with Israel in 2009 following the occupation's brutal war against the Gaza Strip.

This was followed by the permanent and official suspension of ties with the occupation in 2010 and the Israeli ambassador's expulsion from Nouakchott.

Mauritanian political forces and organizations have voiced their refusal of the normalization agreements signed between Arab countries and Israel under US President Donald Trump's sponsorship, the latest of which was the peace accord concluded by Morocco and the occupation.

Mauritanian MPs had earlier (in January 2021) called to enact legislation criminalizing the normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation.

In a joint statement, the Union of Forces of Progress (UFP), People's Progressive Alliance (APP), and the Alliance for Justice and Democracy (AJD) opposition parties said: "In light of the expanding circle of political and economic normalization with Israel and its echo reaching the Maghreb region and African states, it is no longer a secret that normalization advocates are exerting many pressures, both overtly and in secret, to get more countries aboard this sinister train."

The statement called on all parliamentary blocs to make an urgent effort to reflect the reality of the permanent historical national consensus held since the establishment of the Mauritanian state to support just fully and emancipation causes, the most prominent of which is the Palestinian issue.

The statement added that "the crime of normalization, apart from constituting a violation of the consensus of the peoples of the world who advocate for peace, freedom, and anti-colonialism, stands for accepting all the crimes on which the brutal Zionist entity was founded and continues to commit daily."


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