Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Minister of Science says Iran is determined to generate knowledge-based companies through the capacities of the 'knowledge-based production surge' law.

Iran PressIran news: Leader also of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has named the current Iranian calendar year, 1400, as the 'Production: Knowledge-Based and Job-Creating', aiming to create a tangible change in people's lives.

The 1400 year's slogan focuses on a new aspect of production, which refers to adopting a scientific and technological approach.

Mohammad Ali Zolfigol told reporters on Sunday that in the last year, the employment rate in the country's technology parks grew to 40 percent, with 12 new research and development centers established. 

Yet, Zolfigol stressed the completion of the half-finished projects, saying that it was not reasonable to establish new projects when there were still half-finished projects in the country. 

He said that 5.700 billion tomans were allocated to completing the construction projects with more than 50 percent progress in their realization.

Naming the years in the last decade shows that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has specifically emphasized the word production five times.

For some years, the Leader supported it without mentioning the word production. In the Iranian year 1397 motto, which was "Support for Iranian Products," the name had the support of production in itself.

The 'knowledge-based production surge law' passed by the parliament aims to boost knowledge-based production through granting business licenses.

When Iran faces foreign illegal sanctions and pressure, knowledge-based production can provide the ground for neutralizing these sanctions and pressures.

To overcome dependence on raw materials sales, it is necessary to use knowledge, creativity, and innovation in the field of the economy.


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