Sistan and Balochistan (IP) - The leader of the Jaish al-Zalum terrorist group was killed in an attack by the Iranian security forces.

Iran PressIran news: Ismail Shah Bakhsh, one of the leaders of the Jaish al-Zalum terrorist group and the main perpetrator of recent terrorist operations in the southeast of Iran, along with a number of his associates, was killed in an armed conflict with the Iranian security forces.

The group has a history of launching attacks on the innocent Iranian people in Sistan and Balochistan and the Iranian security forces including a recent assault on the police station in Sistan-Baluchistan in December 2023, resulting in the death of at least eleven personnel. 

Iranian security forces also arrested the famous terrorist "Akram Lahori" in Hormozgan province and another terrorist in Sarpol Zahab city, Kermanshah province. 219

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