Rome (IP) - Hundreds of homeless Italian citizens gathered in front of the Governorate of Rome , calling for the right to housing, work, and social security.

Iran PressEurope: Italian protestors are forced to leave their homes after years of living in workers' houses by renting a low-rise house near Naples regional capital of Campania and the third-largest city of Italy, after Rome and Milan, with a population of 909,048 within the city's administrative limits.

An angry Italian protester told an Iran Press reporter in Rome: "There is much pressure on the poor stratum, and they (officials) want to evict us (workers) from our homes with an eviction order".:

"The homeless citizen added: "We don't know where to go and what will happen to us. We are not even able to pay the rent. The government does not even care about our family.

Aggravated by the COVID pandemic, the desperate economic situation of Italy in the last decade has increased the population of the poor and homeless in the country.

Due  to the dire economic situation in Italy has  a new generation of homeless people  have emerged in Italy.

The number of homeless people in Italy has increased to 100,000, according to the Italian Statistics Center.


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